1. 您有想收購的域名。
2. 您的預算價格。
3. 您的電子郵件、聯系電話以及其它聯系方式。

如果該域名持有人有意出售此域名,而且您的預算價格與域名持有人的期望價格差距不大,那么我們會在48 小時內回復您。

Thank you for your interest in this domain name!

If you want to know whether the owner of this domain name intends to sell it, you could consult us.

* Please specify the following matters within the information that you send to us:
1. The domain name you want to buy.
2. Your budget for this domain name.
3. Your e-mail, telephone number.

If the owner intends to sell this domain name and the gap between your budget and the quotation is not too much, then we will respond within 48 hours.